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About Fi

Who's Fi?  How did this all start?

I have been creating craft since I was 2 years old. Whether it was sketches or small forts made of toilet rolls, creativity has always been part of my personality.

8 years ago I started making pieces of jewellery as a way of having cheap and customised accessories. When i accumulated an un-containable amount of pieces, i decided to try my luck at market stalls and found that people wanted to purchase and wear my makes. Thus a hobby was officially born.

Recently I have discovered the wonders of concrete. Yes CONCRETE! From earrings to planter pots, coasters to ring holders, I have definitely found my niche. My concrete range is now one of my main focuses, allowing me to be extremely creative and innovative with my pieces.

Polymer clay ring dishes have also become a love of mine to make and also a surprisingly successful range. They are a delight to make, mainly because customers can customise text or pictures to make each dish special to them or their special someone.

Recently, this little hobby has become an official small business, with this site now having an online shopping page where you can purchase my latest makes. This site will, along with Instagram, will be my main area for announcements, product launches, events and discounts.

I am always eager to field questions or help in the design process, so please don’t hesitate to send me an enquiry on the HOME page.

I hope you FIND something unique here.

Fiona x