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Eco Conscious


With the growth of e-commerce comes a greater demand for quick, easy and effective packaging and associated products and processes.  The product most businesses tend to reach for are plastics due to their ease of use, availability and low pricing.  Think bubble wrap, polystyrene fillers, plastic shipping bags etc.  All these products are extremely hard to recycle and generally become part of landfill or are irresponsibly disposed of, causing hard to our flora and fauna.

I made a conscious decision when I started Finding Fi that I would not go down the road of plastics.  I knew there had to be a better, cleaner way.  So now all Finding Fi products are packaged and shipped in either recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials.  Even the sticky tape I use is biodegradable.  

Even in the making process, recycling is key.  At least 10% of all concrete products contain recycled dry materials eg. when a piece contains a flaw or other element that makes it unsuitable for sale, it is broken or crushed as fine as possible and used a aggregate in a new batch.  I try and produce as little waste as possible.

There's a lot more ideas I'm working on to make my business as eco friendly as possible but for now, the best thing a shopper can do is shop small and shop local.

Buying beautiful shouldn't hurt the planet